Why is there a black line above my crown?


Teeth appear white and glossy when there is lots of enamel covering them. With age, the enamel thins and the yellow dentine shows through. A dead tooth (with no blood supply) may even look brown. Here a tooth has had a metal post placed into the long canal of the tooth to give the stump some height. The artificial crown is made to look as white as the others. Over the years the gum may recede and expose the dark root beneath.


The best solution to get rid of the black line above the tooth, is to redo the crown again. Teeth do yellow with age, so crowns can sometimes end up looking too white and artificial. Changing the crown approx every 10-15 years will ensure the colour matches, as well as ensure the cement seals the crown to the tooth.

Images coutesy of Yugo Hatai

Crown on tooth