Teeth Whitening

Smile with confidence knowing your teeth will light up the room when you smile.

Two approaches to safe whitening

Whitening of enamel works best on teeth that have not had a lot of restorative dentistry. Composite resin fillings, veneers or porcelain will not change colour with whitening gel. Also stains that are part of the tooth's formation (ie the tooth always had that stain in it) are often deeply embedded within the enamel and do not necessarily change clour. The best teeth to whiten have in tact enamel and have stained yellow over the years. Common culprits are tea, coffee, red wine, curries and cigarettes.

Whitening happens as the active ingredient (either hydrogen perioxide or carbamine peroxide) bleaches the stains out of the top surface of the enamel. There are two ways to increase the whiteness result: A> Increase the concentration of the gel or B> Increase the time that the gel is in contact with the teeth.

Fast whitening in the chair uses a higher concentration of light activated gel. Although the results are faster, there is a higher chance of sensitivity either during or after the whitening is complete. The slow and safe method is our prefered method as the same results are achievable, only it happens over a few weeks. The at home application of POLA gel in special mouth trays allows patients to extend their whitening effects for months or years later. Simply top up your trays the night before a big event, for refreshed whiteness.

Date: March 2016

Client: Classified

Category: Whitening

Place: Bytes Dental Ballina