Dental Poster Competition Details

Poster Requirements

Posters are to be minimum A4 in size. Actual dimensions can vary, but larger than A4 is acceptable.

Any medium will be accepted, including, painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital, etc.

Winners will have their posters displayed at Bytes Dental Ballina and Bytes Dental Lismore.

Digital images will be displayed online only, unless a paper print is also supplied.


Age categories are:

8 years old and under (including 8 year olds)

12 years old and under (including 12 year olds)


The theme of the poster is dental. This can include dental health, healthy foods, going to the dentist, having dental work, getting a surprize at the dentist, shiney white teeth, dental disease, germs, plaque, dental decay, dental drills, surgery, blood, guts or whatever "dental" means to you. May your creativity be unleashed and May the floss be with you!


Posters and printed entry forms can be submitted at either practice by the due date, 17th July 2017.


Winners of each age group will receive a Play-Doh Dr. Drill n Fill kit and an electric toothbrush!

Runners Up of each age group will receive an electric toothbrush.