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First time to dentistFirst time to the dentist. Children's slideshow about the dentist and decay - 3.9M download.
KidsDentalHealth Children's slideshow all about dental health, sugar and decay. 2.8M download.
Day by Day chartingAlien Colour-in Tooth Brushing Chart for one month. Dental chart for brushing and flossing.

Toothbrushing chartToothbrushing chart for 3 months. Flossing chart. Can be used to quit smoking too.

PiksterUse How to use piksters video. Particularly good for dental care for nurses in aged care.
ProtectingTinyTeeth link Protecting tiny teeth with Dr Karl. Video for parents on website www.protectingtinyteeth.com.au
Dimension of Decay Dimensions of Decay. Funny animated lolly movie about dental decay from lollies.
Oral Health Advice Oral Health and General Health in Australia - The great disconnect PDF
Enchanted Learning Enchanted Learning. Teacher activities for children relating to teeth.

Teeth - Links to dental information

101 Tips for Healthy Kids Teeth PDF download.
Abscess Dental infection extending into the jawbone, requiring drainage.
After Hours Dentist Ballina 0473374166. A call out fee will be charged. The phone call advice is free.
Aged Care Dental Care Video How to use Piksters on the elderly or special needs dental patients
Anatomy of a tooth
Amalgam Why dentists keep using amalgam fillings: Factsheet PDF
Antibiotics Antibiotics are not indicated for pain relief. Instead see painkillers.
Australian Dental Association Bytes Dentists are proud members of the ADA.
Bad Breath (Halotosis) thefreshbreathclinic.com.au CloSys is available at Bytes Dental.
Baby Teeth  
Baby Bottle Decay  
Breastfeeding and dental care  
Bridges - Types of bridges Bridge demo photos
Bruxism (Grinding the teeth)  
Calcium VitaminD and Phosphorus  
Child Dental Benefits Schedule Bytes Dental offers Bulk Billing to children eligible for CDBS.
Childrens Dental Health
Children's Teeth Slideshow for kids on dental health. Download.pptx
Cracked Cusp  
Crowns Examples of crowns done at Bytes Dental
Crunch and Sip in the classroom

At morning tea kids eat fruit & veges and sip water. Get your school into the program. Healthy eating habits for children.

Dead Tooth or Dark tooth The dental pulp is dead and the tooth turns black.


Decay - Early interception and reversal of decay Brochure from University of Adelaide - White spots are the first sign
Decay - How to control decay Brochure from University of Adelaide
Decay - Whose teeth are at risk? Brochure from University of Adelaide - Infants, Young Adults, Older Adults
Decay in Early Childhood Brochure from University of Adelaide - Baby Teeth
Decay in Teenagers Brochure from University of Adelaide - Teens
Decay Rampant - Dry Mouth Brochure from University of Adelaide - Drugs cause a dry mouth = Decay
Decay of the Root - Older Adults Brochure from University of Adelaide - Elderly
Decay in the Elderly - Aged Care Concise Brochure from University of Adelaide - Nursing homes
Decay is Contagious Streptococcus Mutans is passed from Mother to child
Dentures Example. Denture cleaners 1:10bleach10min. 50:50 WhiteVinegar Onight
Diet . Crunch & Sip  
Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)  
Dry Socket  
Educational Info (Primary School Teachers)  
Educational Info (2ndry Teachers)  
Embrionic tooth development  
Emergency Dental Care  
Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) Dr Ajay Coutinho does quality endodontic treatments at Bytes Dental.
Erosion Example of dental erosion as treated at Bytes Dental.
Eruption (Teething)  
Fear . Kids Fear  
First Aid (Trauma) Also this PDF.
First Dental Visit Slideshow for kids. Download.
Fissure Seal Brochure from University of Adelaide - Protection from Decay
Floss & Flossing  
Floss Stick - Verifresh Video using Verifresh floss stick
Fluoride and You Brochure from University of Adelaide - Protection from Decay
Fluoride info - ADA Australia  
Fun for Kids Heaps of links to make the dentist fun for kids.
Furcation of the root When periodontitis has progressed deeply on the molars.
Halotosis (Bad Breath)  
Healthy mouth NSW 5 Tips (Full Document) - Skip to the middle of this document for tips.
Healthy mouth NSW for Adults 5 Tips, as above in a concise brochure
Human Tooth  
Gold fillings Why gold castings make excellent fillings. Dr Kim Davies uses gold.
Grinding (Bruxism)  
Gum Disease  
Implants . Implants Bytes refers to specialists K. Bourke, S. Webber and Drs Bilski of Lismore
Implant supported overdenture 1 minute animated video
Info for dentists Interesting articles posted by Dr Kim Davies
Inlays and Onlays  
Joints (TemperoMandibular Joint) Video. TMJ or TMD dysfunction of the joint = ear pain when chewing
Oral Cancer  
Oral Surgery Oral Surgeons in Ballina, Lismore Drs Bilski and Dr S. Webber
Penthrox Inhalation Anaesthetic An alternative to laughing gas. Pain relief inhaler.


What is Periodontitis 2Mb A printable brochure from the University of Adelaide
Periodontitis - Diagnosis 400KB A printable brochure from the University of Adelaide
Periodontitis - Treatment 2MB A printable brochure from the University of Adelaide
Periodontitis - Maintenance 1MB A printable brochure from the University of Adelaide
Periodontitis and Heart Attacks

Links between cardiovascular disease and periodontitis

Piksters - How to use piksters Video on how to use piksters. By Dr Kim Davies.
Pregnancy brochure  
Pull out tooth or not? Advantages and disadvantages of saving or losing the tooth. More detail.
Reflux Scientific article on GERD or GORD on acid erosion effecting teeth.
Root Canal Treatment - RCT (Endodontics) Dr Ajay Coutinho does quality endodontic treatments at Bytes Dental.
Root Decay Brochure from University of Adelaide - Elderly
Receding Gums  
Relines for Dentures  
Salivary Mucins Mucins suspend S.Mutans biofilm formation
Sedation We offer the penthrox inhaler for anxious patients.
Smoking Accelerates Periodontitis - New Research  
Smoking and Oral Cancer Help to Quit.
Surgery, Periodontal Simple video on animated model.
Teething Tooth eruption chart. When teeth come through.
Teen's Dental Health and Australian site from the ADA www.protectingteenteeth.com.au
Temporary Filling  
Thumb Sucking  
TMJ Temperomandibular Joint  


Also with pain relief drug recommendations.
Tooth Brushing Chart. Alien Pic. As supplied at Bytes Dental. Alien colour in chart.
Tooth Brushing How to brush . 1 minute video.
Tooth Knocked Out  
Tooth Mousse  
Trauma: guide for dentists  
Trigeminal Neuralgia . More  
Veneers - Porcelain  
Veneers - Composite Resin Here are examples of work done at Bytes Dental.


How much do you really know about whitening? From the ADA.
Whole body health relates to oral health Entire Scientific American Magazine feature on Oral health and Whole body health.
Wisdom Teeth . More Drs Bilski, Oral surgeons
Xerostomia (Detailed)  
Xylitol A natural sugar alternative to reduce decay. Free samples at Bytes.
X rays  
To have a tooth pulled or save it? Document on the pros and cons of either extraction or root canal treament.



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