October 2, 2015


When you have a toothache, you need a dentist fast. But what happens if pain strikes outside of the 9-5 Monday to Friday time slot? Painkillers can help tide you over until the morning when the pain is bearable, but what about with extreme pain? Sometimes an accident can smash teeth in half, or worse, knock the tooth out completely! These sort of dental emergencies need prompt attention as dental pulp is a fragile thing. Luckily Bytes Dental has an after hours dentist service in Ballina.
We aim to answer the phone and discuss your problems to assess the level of emergency. We give priority to trauma cases, over dental decay which often is gradual in its onset and treatable the next day. Dental pain is discussed here, with advice on which pain killers to take at the bottom of the page. More home remedy advice on dental emergencies like a knocked out tooth or a cracked tooth where the pink pulpy nerve is visible can be found here.
If the issue can be dealt with over the phone with advice, there will be no call out fee.
If dental treatment is required after hours, a call out fee is applicable on top of normal dental fees.
If the phone is unattended, try calling again and leave a message so we can get back to you as soon as possible.
Alternatively, email us your situation right now so we can get a heads up before you come in during work hours at our soonest available appointment. We are open until 8pm Thursday’s and all day Saturday, on the non emergency number 6624 7068.

Hang in there! You wont die from a toothache, but geez they sure feel horrible.