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Cosmetic dentistry does not have to cost a fortune. In a single visit the dentist can change dark teeth, stained teeth, uneven teeth, broken teeth and yellow teeth into something worth smiling about.
Do you ever cover your mouth when you laugh? Do you stay away from close up photographs? Do you smile with your mouth closed? If your teeth are stopping you from having a carefree smile…we can fix it.

Teeth whitening

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Whitening of enamel works best on teeth that have not had a lot of restorative dentistry. Composite resin fillings, veneers or porcelain will not change colour with whitening gel. Also stains that are part of the tooth’s formation (ie the tooth always had that stain in it) are often deeply embedded within the enamel and do not necessarily change clour. The best teeth to whiten have intact enamel and have stained yellow over the years. Common culprits are tea, coffee, red wine, curries and cigarettes.
Whitening happens as the active ingredient (either hydrogen perioxide or carbamine peroxide) bleaches the stains out of the top surface of the enamel.

Aligning Crooked Teeth.

An orthodontist can align teeth with either fixed braces or clear straightening guards over many
months or years.
An alternative to moving teeth is bonded composite resin. This gives the illusion that teeth are
aligned, and look straight. The teeth will be thicker after bonding and will require regular flossing.
This bonded composite-resin alignment was done in under 2 hours.

The single dark tooth

  • Composite resin veneer

    White resin is applied to the front of the tooth to mask the colour. Only one tooth was veneered with composite resin

  • Porcelain veneer

    Porcelain is crafted by the dental technician into the ideal shape and colour. After the ceramic is fired, the glassy veneer is polished and sent to the dentist. The veneer is bonded into place permanently. Porcelain has the best aesthetics and highest shine.

  • Ceramic crown

    Crowns wrap around the entire tooth. Weak teeth that have had large fillings will gain strength from crowns. Ceramic or Emax crowns have no metal and give a very natural translucent appearance

  • Internal bleaching

    Internal bleaching can revive a dark tooth after the nerve has died. The dark colour is inside the tooth and bleach is applied by drilling a small hole at the back. Sometimes the tooth returns to normal, however stubborn stains can defy even the strongest bleach. Results can be unpredictable.

  • Multiple discoloured teeth

  • Tooth whitening

    Pola Whitening Gel is used in the slow and safe method to lighten natural enamel. Clear, custommade, plastic trays fit over the teeth allowing a very small amount of whitening gel to work its magic. Changes are most noticeable after several applications.

  • Composite resin veneers

    Quick, inexpensive, reversible. Three teeth were veneered with composite resin.

  • Porcelain Veneers

  • Why choose porcelain veneers?

    Veneering teeth basically means putting a cover over the front of each tooth to mask stains, discolourations and to reshape the teeth to give a more uniform appearance.
    Dental veneers can be used as an alternative to orthodontics, provided the crowding is mild.
    Veneering allows the teeth to become symmetrical in appearance which balances the smile. How much the dentist needs to cut the teeth depends on how much change is required.
    The case displayed here was with an adult patient who did not want braces.
    Antibiotics taken in childhood had stained her teeth and this could not be removed with bleaching. Her request was for Straight Teeth with a Uniform Colour.
    The teeth needed to be cut back to allow the veneers to fit into the new space, and give the appearance of being aligned.
    Otherwise the veneers would be just as crooked as the original teeth. There was mild sensitivity after the anaesthetic wore off, but this settled quickly.
    At the fitting visit the teeth were numbed once again. The temporary veneers were lifted off and the porcelain veneers were bonded into place.
    One of the great advantages of porcelain veneers is that they are made by experienced dental technicians who craft the porcelain by hand, before firing them in a very hot kiln to cure the ceramic.
    The veneers are individually polished to a very high lustre, right in between where the teeth contact. Dental drills cannot get to these areas to polish effectively when working in the mouth. Only when working on veneers on the bench top can such precision be achieved. This allows dental floss to glide between the teeth with ease, once bonded.
    The smooth finish helps with hygiene and good hygiene ensures the veneers will appear fresh and vibrant for many years.

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    • Thanks for all the lovely work you have done. You explained everything and I felt really comfortable at each visit.

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    • Highly recommended! Receptionist did everything to find an appointment for me and took much care about my emergency. The dentist did a great job very professional and honest with what I really needed. So lucky to find you guys. Thank you!!!

    • Best ever care for my daughter when she had an accident requiring ongoing dental work. My daughter was made to feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Results were amazing ! Totally recommend to anybody!

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