September 1, 2021

A broken baby tooth can be distressing to both child and parent. After comforting the child, try to locate the broken piece of tooth. It may have become embedded in the lip. The dentist will be able to Xray the area if needed. Minimize the sensitivity and sharpness of the tooth by padding over the area with some chewing gum until a dentist can be seen.

If the entire tooth is knocked out, it is best to leave the baby tooth out. Trying to replace it will distress the child and possibly cause damage to the permanent tooth beneath. Place a handkerchief over the area until bleeding has stopped. Try to locate the tooth. Attend the dentist to make sure the tooth has not lodged into soft tissue.

If the baby tooth has been knocked and is now loose, just leave it in place until a dentist can assess whether it was due to fall out soon, or not. Sometimes there can be bone fractures and a dentist is the best person to assess what to do next.

After hours emergency help or advice may be available on 04 73374 166.