October 1, 2018

Mr Brown (not his real name) got to the point where he needed to make a change with his decaying teeth. Years of neglect had allowed the teeth to become black and fragile.

At the initial consultation, we planned to fill the teeth with composite resin, along with a warning that the composite would probably chip and break over the years and need maintenance.

Mr Brown was not so keen on this and wanted a stronger alternative. Porcelain fused to metal crowns were a more expensive option, however they would not need anywhere near the amount of maintenance.

The 4 front teeth were assessed, and to save some money, 3 crowns were placed. The 4th tooth was built up in composite resin as it was in a far more stable condition, not requiring a crown.

Dentistry has many alternatives. Although cheaper options might appeal to the wallet, the quality and longevity achieved with porcelain crowns makes it a better performer in the long run.

May you choose the best quality for your mouth. And May the Floss be with You!