March 16, 2016


Do you ever get the feeling like a cat has curled up inside your mouth to take a nap? Or maybe that some old carpet has gone and cloaked itself over your teeth? Ever wake up with a pasty sensation that makes the flowers curl up when you breathe your Good Mornings to them?

Well, perhaps it’s time to have a squeeky clean, buff and polish at the dentist! You would be absolutely astounded at what comes out when the dentist has finished. What’s more your teeth will feel so shiny and smooth that you will want to maintain a whole new level of freshness thereafter. The flowers will rejoice. The cats will find their own carpet to curl up on. And you will so Fa-Fa-Faresh that the birds will be whistling at you each and every morning.

So let see when you can come and see us, and liberate the new you!