October 1, 2018

Cast restoration

  • Gold metal restoration
  • Porcelain restoration

Cast restorations like this gold one (the beautiful glowing one on the left), involve drilling out the old materials and decay from the tooth, and taking a mould of the tooth. The tooth replica is then sent to the dental laboratory to make a dental onlay. The choice between gold and porcelain will be guided by your dentist, and the patient’s personal preferences. When the onlay piece returns, the dentist will glue it into the hole. The cost for this type of restoration ranges from $900 to $1400, depending on complexity.

What are the advantages of gold? This page was written by a dentist to other student dentists, but it gives a glowing recommendation for gold cast fillings when considering longevity. Sixty years of life is outstanding for a dental restoration. Compare this to white, composite resin which is given a service life of approximately 5-7 years!