May 19, 2021

The stresses on molar teeth are even higher than front teeth. When a breakage needs repairing, we have a choice of materials to fix the hole.

    • White materials placed directly into the hole. Composite resin is a standard filling material, however it does have limitations. It is not as strong as the enamel so it can break or weardown over time. A major concern is leakage under the fillings. Regular monitoring with Xrays will help monitor this risk. Daily flossing will reduce this risk considerably.

  • Metal amalgam placed directly into the hole. This very strong metal filling does not wear or break or leak as much as composite resin. However it has fallen out of fashion due to its grey appearance. Many people still have old amalgams in their teeth, which is testament to their enduring nature. Some amalgam blends have undesirable properties like swelling with time, causing cusps to fracture.

As both these materials have problems, dentist may recommend some more long term restorative options. Cast crown restorations are stronger and often outperform standard fillings. They require more production time, and consequently cost more than a filling. However the extra expense pays off long term with teeth lasting for years, instead of repeated refilling.