June 17, 2021

When we talk about cost we can talk about money. But the other cost of cutting away healthy tooth to fit the bridge is possibly more valuable. That’s where the skill of your dentist comes in. A dentist with a little engineering nous can cut LESS tooth away causing LESS sensitivity and giving the teeth a better chance of surviving the drill. Heavy handed dentistry can end up causing after pain, toothache and even pulp death.

Ask for Dr Kim Davies to do your bridge preparation for the best long term outcome for the teeth and the bridge.

Price Estimates (as at 2021):
A crown on a single tooth is $1600

A two unit bridge is like 2 crowns. Our fee ranges from 3000 to $3500.

A three unit bridge ranges from $3500 to $4000

Bridges on implants need to be quoted individually, and are slightly more expensive.