May 22, 2021

Expect some recovery time after a deep filling. There may be some residual pain from the injection site. The tooth may remain tender for a few days due to the dental work, and disturbances near the pulp. If the sensitivity is improving day by day then it is a good sign. It sometimes takes weeks to settle properly.

If the tooth is getting worse day by day, then contact your dentist. A high filling (interfering with closing your teeth together properly) can be eased. Contact the dentist immediately if the filling is high, as prompt adjustment will take the stress off the tooth and aid recovery.

If the tooth is more sensitive than before or is aching, then the pulp may not have survived, despite the dentist’s best efforts. An irritated pulp that does not recover within a couple of weeks, or pain that is getting worse, needs attention from the dentist. Usually the pulp will need to be removed – either by root canal treatment, or removal of the whole tooth. Sometimes the filling can be replaced for a temporary sedative filling containing oil of cloves. A “wait and see” approach is then taken to see if the tooth will recover. The success of this technique is variable, and needs to be weighed up by the dentist and the patient.