May 22, 2021

There will be pain as the socket is healing. Day 3 tends to be the worse, and then lessening each day thereafter. The amount of pain is dependant on how difficult the extraction was and whether there was any bone removal. With bone removal the pain can be worse so rely on painkillers (below).

Post operative care instructions include brushing teeth regularly, not smoking or drinking alcohol and staying healthy.

Improper healing of the socket can also cause prolonged pain. Causes:

  • The patient is a smoker, or has other health limitations.
  • The blood clot has come out of the socket, leaving the bone exposed.
  • Hygiene: Food and plaque falling into the socket, and not being removed regularly.
  • Bone is exposed, due to an odd shaped socket.

Contact your dentist if you have concerns about pain or bleeding after an extraction. There could be food lodged in the socket that needs to be professionally flushed out.