October 30, 2017

ince starting work at Bytes Dental in 2011 Nicole has grown to become the best practice manager any business could ask for. She has been nominated for the Right Hand Employee of the year with the Dental Assistants Professional Association, as well as the Lennoxs Local Heroes award.

Here is a copy of her nomination, submitted by her boss Dr. Kim Davies.

Bytes Dental is a 10 year old, busy, 3 chair general dental practice, set in outer space, with a visiting orthodontist, periodontist and school dental therapist. We would be absolutely lost without our shining star Nicole Duverge, practice manager. Here are some reasons why:

She is the first to arrive and last to leave every day, beyond her expected hours.

Nicole does not complain, but rather sees problems as opportunities for improvement.

Helps everyone else first, and only then takes a lunch break.

Regularly works through lunch to ensure everyone else gets lunch.


Helps everyone else first, and only then takes a lunch break.

Regularly works through lunch to ensure everyone else gets lunch.

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Has a way with words to get things done without ever appearing to order anyone around. Never offends anyone.

Comes in to work at short notice on her days off, even when her Mum is visiting from Melbourne only for a couple of days.

Gives up her Saturdays if no-one can work.

Volunteers to open practice on a Sunday at dentists emergency request. Does not request payment, but rather is just happy to help out.

Arranges her holidays around whether there is enough staff to cover her.

Comes to work every day with a smile, even when things are tough.

Works 3 positons: front desk and does nursing and steri, if some-one calls in sick. Multitasks like a pro, and stays accurate.

Also does all our basic labwork, and bookwork. Helped gain accreditation for 2015.

Thrifty, sourcing best deals for stock. Handles tears from emotional staff members

Also acts as technician, as we are 10 hours drive from Sydney. Successfully repairs equipment where possible. Eg Pulls chair apart to locate faulty electronics and fixes.

Remembers patients names, and shares their holiday photos, sends bereavement cards, remembers their kids achievements.

Has a heart of gold, being affectionate to patients from 1 to 100 yrs.

Hugs babies, and occasionally babysits while patient having treatment. We have even seen her pick up and clean baby poo when mums are getting treatment done. This was a matter of urgency for the sake of reception ambience.

Drives patients to the hospital if required.

Drives to frail patients homes to get them home or to drop off dentures.

Is mother to 3 primary school aged boys.

If her kids are sick they come and sit at work so Nicole can keep working.

Comes to work with cricked back from many previous years dental nursing, and keeps working hobbling with a heat wheat.

Always remembers staff birthdays, and organises presents.

Organises social events for staff.

Organises Dental Health Week promotions in August each year.

Bakes delicious designer cakes for dentists kids parties and baby showers.

Brings home cooked meals to work to share.

Always smiling.

Was a taxi service to entire Bytes staff. Had to give it up as late stragglers were letting her down.

Goes to professional development courses annually. Tries to pay her way even when the company is paying.

Has never asked for a raise.

Runs entire practice while owner has been away on maternity leave for 8 years.

Has played a major role in the growth of Bytes Dental, simply by being kind.

Nicole is outstanding in that she gives so much of herself to the practice, and still gives so much to her family. She truly is a super Mum, a super practice manager, and a superwoman!

Here is the cake she made for my son.

Love you Nic! Good luck.

Dr Kim Davies, Nics boss.