October 8, 2018

You know your tooth is in trouble and may need to be removed. But what about the option of saving the tooth with Root Canal Treatment? Here are some pro’s and cons to help weigh up your choice.

Save it: Root Canal Therapy


  • The tooth has an extended life span.
  • Minimal trauma to the area as the tooth is not being extracted.
  • Other teeth will keep their place, allowing normal chewing to continue.
  • The procedure can often be completed in one to two visits.


  • This procedure costs more than an extraction. A crown is often advised which is an additional expense. Crowns can be deferred to a later date, however.
  • A long appointment of 90 minutes is usually required. Plenty of anaesthetic is used.
  • Not all treatments are successful. The aim being to keep the tooth for longer, not necessarily forever. Ask your dentist for the estimated success rates. A failed root canal treatment may be referred then onto a specialist at an additional fee, or the tooth may be extracted.
  • The tooth may feel different to the other teeth, or it may not. (ie different sensation on tapping).
  • The tooth may discolour or turn dark. This can be corrected with a crown.