October 14, 2018

There’s a certain feeling in your stomach that comes with a dental appointment. Sometimes, even making a phone call to the dentist is all too much. We put it off, procrastinate, hope that that niggling pain will go away, book the kids in but not ourselves. Sound familiar? Many of the fears are seeded when we are children. Either there’s been a bad experience with a grumpy old dentist many decades ago. Or sometimes this fear is passed down from our parents, so even without any direct unpleasant experience, anxiety is present.

The dentists at Bytes Dental have been trained in the modern era where customer service is paramount. Patients are fully engaged in the consultation process. All treatments are discussed beforehand so that alternative options can be considered. Any fears or concerns are taken on board and stress reduction techniques are factored into the treatment. We also use numbing gel routinely before giving local anaesthetic, so you shouldn’t feel a thing.

Our team consists of 3 female dentists and 2 male dentists. We care. We listen. We are here to give a soft touch service to those who need it most.

If all that doesn’t ease your nerves, why not try some “Relative Analgesia?” No … that does not mean you should forget about your relatives. Relative analgesia is more about altering you perception slightly to approach your dental visit with a calm mindset. This “Happy Gas” is available at our Bytes Dental Ballina practice. Ask our dentists if this is the right type of “Happy” for you!

Floating on a cloud listening to Enya to sail away the dentist blues.